Brexit and Patriotism

Someone at work regularly brings in a copy of The Sun newspaper and each day, without fail, there is the jibe/inference that if you voted to remain in the EU you are A: a ‘Remoaner’ (gee, how witty) and B: for daring to voice concerns over Brexit, you are unpatriotic. There is one particular columnist (I forget his name) who makes this his ‘go-to’ position, along with the idea that Brexit will free us – because somehow, we’re oppressed?

Now, I voted remain, not because I hate my country, far from it. I voted remain because I love my country and wanted (and still do want) what’s best for it. In the uncertainty and lack of clarity (from both sides) during the run up to the referendum, I didn’t see any compelling argument to leave. We were trading our economic security for the illusion of greater sovereignty – and there remains a great deal of uncertainty now we’re trying to negotiate a deal.

Already that uncertainty is hurting us. I work in retail, so I am all too aware of what this slowdown looks like. Everyone where I work has seen a drop in income due to a drop in footfall, as consumers are wary of committing to expensive purchases, at a time when they don’t know what the future holds. One of my former employers actually abandoned the UK market, with Brexit cited as part of the reason.

So if in the weeks and months ahead, I express concern over this whole thing, I do so because I love my country.

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