What with all the darkness and pain in the world at the moment, I thought I’d lighten the mood, and now I’m sitting here, wondering how to do that!


I could spout unusual facts – for example, I once got a peanut M&M stuck up my nose. At 25, this was awkward to explain.

It took me a moment to realise why my wife was in hysterics whilst I cradled a leg of lamb and referred to it as a ‘battering ram’.

I’m chatting to my colleagues and I started to say I’ll never forget…’ swiftly followed by ‘what was it?’

Mixing up Kirk and Spock triggered another bout of uncontrollable laughter from the wife.

I asked her (in all seriousness) if Tango and Cash was ‘the one with the dog’. You guessed it, big laughs.

When I was younger (teens I think, maybe even 12) we were driving through London and going past Harrods, which was all lit up for Christmas. Somehow, I didn’t spot it.

I asked my little girl why she was being so cheeky. ‘Because I’m from the dark side of the moon!’ came the reply.

Well, I’m all out for now!

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