‘Bodies Could Pile High’

Far be it for me to consider The Daily Mail a reliable source, but then again, considering Boris Johnson’s willingness to put the economy (money) ahead of protecting lives, it’s entirely plausible. ‘Let the bodies pile high in their thousands’, instead of entering a second lockdown. Those are the words attributed to Johnson during a heated argument involving cabinet members. He has denied the comments, but it would entirely in keeping with the way in which his Tory government has conduced itself during the covid-19 pandemic. Lying would be in keeping with an odious toad of a man who struggles with truth. After all, there is a strong case that Johnson lied to the Queen. If he can do that whilst proclaiming respect for Britain and pushing the nationalist, jingoistic principles of Brexit, why should we trust anything he has to say?

Johnson is an habitual liar, a self-serving parasite, enabled by and enabling other self-serving parasites at the heart of the government. This is what the Tories are. They are power-hungry, interested in scratching their own backs with contracts that help out themselves and their friends, and they are liars. They are also callous and cold. No one should be surprised by Johnson preferring to avoid saving lives in order to make money.

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