Bloganuary the 21st – Time

The Prompt: ‘If you could, what year would you time travel to and why?’

Hmm. There is a temptation to go to the future, and see what kind of world awaits us. It might not necessarily be the future we want.

I guess, if given the chance to go back knowing what we know now, a lot of us would love to go back to our youth and avoid the mistakes of our past. If I could return to say, being 16/17, a few conversations at school would go very differently. There are regrets I’d like to erase, and fond memories I’d like to relive. However, unravel one thread and I might end up losing my daughter. For that reason, travelling to the past is pretty much out of the equation (unless I could observe events without interfering, in which case there are many fascinating moments from my family tree I’d like to see).

The future could be amazing. What would the year 4199 look like? What would humanity be (if we even existed?). Perhaps I’d visit somewhere a bit more… shall we say controversial? The 4th of July 1947, at Roswell. Let’s see for myself what really happened on that stormy night.

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