Bloganuary the 20th – Photos

Let me preface this post with…. bugger! Bollocks! Argh! I’m not given to swearing a lot in these posts but…. arrrgh!

I had put together a streak of 21 consecutive posts on Meerkat Musings, only to forget to post yesterday. The streak is broken, and I’m annoyed at myself. Anyway, moving on…

What is your favourite picture you’ve ever taken?

Because the candidates involve my wife and/or daughter, I’m not gonna be sharing them, sorry. Their privacy trumps all else. I can describe them, but that’s as far as it goes.

Back when my wife and I first got together I managed to snap a pic of her whilst she had a fierce expression on her face. Her deep brown eyes sparkled in faux annoyance and the picture encapsulated her passion and beauty. It’s a picture of her that I absolutely love, and always will.

It goes without saying there are many photos of my daughter that I love. There are the very first photos of her, minutes after being born, when I was an emotional wreck. There are pictures of her having cuddles with mummy and pictures of her looking quite mischievous! One of my all-time favourite pics is of her laying on her mat, making cute baby noises, smiling up at me. Then there is the picture of her in the arms of my dear Nan, a treasured moment. There’s also a picture of her with her niece of six months older than she, and generations of women from her mother’s side of the family.

My favourite picture, if I had to choose, is of my daughter, still quite small but moving out of the baby stage, looking at the camera with a slight grin on her face as her mother kisses her cheek. It’s a lovely little shot of the two of them, and it’s framed on our wall, such is now lovely it is. I actually can’t remember if I took it (or what others I,took), but because I love it, it’s my choice for this post.

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