Bad Dreams!

Last night, for reasons not especially clear, my subconscious decided to torture me with a dream where my beloved Liverpool FC failed to win the title, despite their huge advantage. The league title is virtually ours, yet my dreams were tormenting me with visions of defeat.

There’s a gap of 25 points, with 27 available for Liverpool to win and 30 for Manchester City. City have a game in hand, so in theory the gap is 22 points, with 27 available. In theory, if Liverpool win their next game, and City lose their next game, Liverpool would have a 28 point lead with only 27 available for City, and would therefore be champions. I have no idea why my dreams are suggesting we might not win it, when we’re so close.

Honestly, in the dream, I was so heartbroken, so distraught, I was ready to ditch the sport of football completely.

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