Back to Work…

Today marked the end of my furloughed exile from work. I have a feeling it will take me a few days to get into the proper flow of a working week, but at least I’m back, full-time and properly. I landed a sale today and will grab more in the coming days. It certainly seems that the store is reasonably busy and people are seeking out advice and designs about bathrooms. Of course, I fear there will be a second wave of Covid-19, the effects of which can’t be remotely quantified right now. It’s a source of worry, but I can’t afford to stress about it. What I need to focus on is the immediate task at hand – which is getting as many sales as I can, to earn as much money as possible, to give my family the things I wish them to have.

I enjoyed it. There’s lots of work to do, stuff to sort out in the store, but the team is united once again, so let’s go to work, get it done, and thrive!

I’m also continuing to write. The Awakening goes live on the 14th of August, the sequel is pretty much written but needs tweaking, whilst two other works of fiction are bubbling away nicely. I have no idea when they will all be ready (with the exception of the Awakening sequels), but I have to keep the faith that what begins on the 14th is the start of something special. In the meantime, I’ll work hard, reap what rewards I can – and we’ll take it from there!


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