Avengers Station!

Today’s half-term adventure has been sponsored by Marvel and a pair of alternating misery guts! Confused? Not for long!

My wife, daughter, step-granddaughter and I had arranged to go into London (the ExCel Centre to be exact) and see the Avengers Station – a little exhibit of all things MCU. It was kinda similar to the DC exhibit we did last year – only the Marvel thing focused almost exclusively on the movie universe, rather than the comics. I want to say this was an enjoyable day, and by and large it was, but my daughter seemed by and large out of sorts with the experience and didn’t seem to be very happy. In her own words, this ‘wasn’t her cup of tea’. Maybe it was the crowded nature of the venue – perhaps it was because she’s felt a little under under the weather – but she was distinctly grumpy toward the end of the experience. She wasn’t overtly unhappy to begin with, but my little girl is usually quite happy or at least chilled – not today. Even so, she enjoyed seeing (and sitting on) Captain America’s motorbike from Age of Ultron and she cheered up immeasurably when we went and got pizza for lunch!

It was at the pizza place that my granddaughter took her turn to be unhappy, developing a headache when it was actually time to eat and refusing to eat most of her food. The joys of nine year-olds!

Anyway, I want to present a few pictures from the day – enjoy!

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