‘Arrested for Thinking’

This is the erroneous claim made by ‘Politics Aired‘ (and several others), over the arrest of a woman in Birmingham. It is also falsely claimed that she was arrested for praying. Unfortunately, people are quick to regurgitate inflammatory soundbites, without ever stopping to consider what the facts actually are.

As per this article from the Birmingham Mail, Isabel Vaughan-Spruce was arrested for failing to comply with a Public Space Protection Order. In fact, she was arrested on four counts of failing to comply with this order. She was aware of the order against her, that forbade her from being in the vicinity of a local abortion clinic. Clearly, Ms Vaughan-Spruce decided that her need to be present at the clinic, despite the legal order against her, was her God-given right, despite her prominent place in an anti-abortion organisation. If she wished only to pray or think, she could have done that from anywhere, yet chose to breach the Protection Order. Why do people think that is?

Like I said, she could have ‘thought’ or prayed anywhere. She was under no obligation to go to the abortion clinic. There are a number of pertinent comments from a Mumsnet thread about this, and I would urge Politics Aired to read and consider them.

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