Anxious Times

I don’t recall a time in my lifetime when the world felt so surreal. Schools are closing, business is slowing right down, and we have ‘advice’ from our government when we need concrete instructions to avoid mass layoffs. Shelves in supermarkets are bare, as people panic, creating additional problems for others, and we lack any certainty. To be blunt, I’m getting scared, not of catching Covid-19, but of how it’s going to to affect the long term plans and welfare of my family and loved ones. We might only face a few weeks of confinement, but then again, we might face longer, and what with risible statutory sick pay and a government that’s been painfully slow to offer any security to workers, we have a situation that breeds trouble.

What we need is kindness. The panic buying is making life very hard on people who cannot easily get out to supermarkets and shops. We need to be mindful of others, and rediscover our empathy and sympathy.

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