Addressing Hypocrisy

I wondered about posting this, but I am not fond of attacks on my character, and rarely will I let them go unchallenged. Hence responding to some comments made here.

BG and MM like to have personal conversations. One of the topics they like to discuss is us. We won’t hide the fact that their comments are hurtful, sadistic, and mean but life is as it is and not everyone treats those they do not like, how they want to be treated.

Over the years the author of Theology Archaeology has engaged in numerous acts of dishonesty, including some directed against me personally. He has rarely even attempted to justify his claims that I am a ‘liar and distorter’, he has deleted or edited comments that contained factual links proving some of his arguments to be false, and in more recent times he has taken to being increasingly rude. Should he truly believe in treating others how he wants to be treated, he may come to see that repeated accusations of lying and distorting wear very thin after a while, especially when those accusations lack credence or evidence. Because I do treat people as they treat me, so constant accusations of dishonesty on my part by the author will be met with demonstrations of his own dishonesty.

Then there are the insults. I am no more rude to him than he is to me, because once again, I treat people as they treat me. He should consider that, and reflect upon whether or not he is trying to meet the standards Jesus set for him.

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