Addressing Dishonesty (Trek-related)

This is an interesting thread. Those who Michael hasn’t blocked will see that his ‘go-to’ argument is to call the other person a liar, even in the face of consistent proof – indeed, many of his accusations of dishonesty (which he made without having the integrity to provide one scrap of proof) were levelled at someone else, someone who had taken the time to demonstrate the folly of a legal action.

That legal action is the on-going plan by one Anas Abdin to appeal the original ruling regarding a video game of his, and the TV series Star Trek Discovery. The original ruling was that there was no case to answer – and this will most likely be how the appeal goes too.

The consequences for Anas will be harsh – I cannot say conclusively whether he has a case or not, and I will not call him a liar, but in legal cases, it’s not a question of what is right, but what can be proven. Anas has to demonstrate that CBS had knowledge of his game – which, to be blunt, is quite obscure, even now, and especially prior to Discovery’s release – and he is trying to claim copyright on things that cannot be copyrighted – like the general appearance of human characters. The facts of this have been explained, by someone more learned in this field than I, and yet, Michael persisted in his accusations of dishonesty.

This is a classic example of how people argue when the facts and when reason are against them – I fully get wanting to support the little guy, but sometimes, facts are facts, sometimes, there is not enough to evidence to prove a case, and urging someone into what would be a ruinous set of circumstances, over hatred of a TV show, is a frankly cruel and heartless mission.

@IamDeathRay has kindly permitted me to reproduce his tweets here, outlining the reasoning as to why Anas’ case will most likely fail.

If you’re wondering where Michael went in all this, he did the most typical thing for someone behaving like a troll – he used the block button. It’s his right, but it’s always ironic when someone spouts off, only to run away in such a manner.

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