The spectre of the bungling and cold-hearted idiot that is Boris Johnson doesn’t seem to want to leave the political arena, despite never being suited for public office. Johnson has a history of deceit and incompetence, but due to his bumbling nature, he was able to charm those less-equipped to see through his charade, until he got what he wanted: the role of Prime Minister.

Never has anyone be so ill-equipped to handle the responsibility of that role. Granted, most politicians are skilled liars – it seems to be a prerequisite of the job – but Johnson took deception to a whole new level. His grandiose claims around Brexit have failed to materialise – a government minister admitted that the 40 new hospitals Johnson claimed would be built by 2030 won’t happen – and his handling of the pandemic was woeful. Worse, he held parties, lied about it, and is now claiming a witch-hunt. He is trying to polarise opinion in the way Donald Trump does, but his own defence counsel has uncovered further evidence of dishonesty, where it comes to the pandemic enquiry.

The simple fact about Johnson is that the man has no empathy, and is incapable of understanding that he can be wrong. He appears to genuinely believe his authority should be unquestioned by the peons and surfs that he was born to rule. An accident of birth placed Johnson into a position of privileged, expensive education that he did not appreciate, and that education failed to teach him humility and integrity. Can we please see to it this enquiry forces this clown into retirement from politics, and confines him to obscurity, for evermore?

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