34 Charges, 34 Convictions

Well then. This is quite the moment! After five weeks of hearing evidence and information, the jury in Donald Trump’s historic trial for falsifying business records concluded he is guilty, on all 34 counts.

Let the consternation begin in earnest. Trump’s Evangelical supporters (who regard Trump as a Messianic figure) have been swallowing, hook, line and sinker, all his rhetoric about how the system is against him. They so passionately believe Trump’s bluster that they cannot conceive of any scenario where he can do wrong, and they buy his fiery preaching without so much as a second thought. No wonder then, that so many believe his conspiracy theory.

Yet in the end, the jury – handpicked by both sides to ensure as much impartiality as possible – reached their verdict based on the evidence. It appears unpalatable to the MAGA crowd that this could be the case, but that’s where we are. Trump is guilty, as per a jury of his peers, and that is that. Justice has been served, if you are prepared to think outside of the poisoning of the well Trump has been so publicly engaging in, well before the trial even began.

However, therein lies the biggest problem. Many of Trump’s worshippers cannot be objective where he is concerned. Trump once famously said he could shoot someone and not lose voters; after all the events of the past few years, I can believe that. It doesn’t matter what evidence is put forward, it doesn’t matter what Trump himself says or does, he is considered beyond reproach by his fanatical followers.

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