30 Day Challenge – Day 3

Three is ‘top three pet peeves’. Where do I begin???

  1. I do not like being pestered when I’m on a lunch break. This would happen quite a lot at Staples, but then, I did kinda invite it, by being too nice – and by becoming part of the management team there.
  2. Blocked Aisles. You know what I’m talking about. You go to walk down an aisle in a supermarket or store, and it’s blocked, by one or more trollies, being wheeled about by people who want to stop and have a lengthy chat. They then have the cheek to give you a funny look when you move their impeding, offending trolley out the way. On a related note, there is an uncanny situation that unfolds every single time I go into a supermarket – whatever it is I need, I can promise someone will be in my way, and they’ll dither for ages too.
  3. Trolls – be they virulently aggressive, dishonest, cowardly – internet trolls annoy me. They are happy to dish out all kinds of remarks/comments/fallacies – but dare to give them a little of what they give? Contradict them? Oh that’s just not on…
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