The Year that was 2017

We are nearly at the end of another year and it’s certainly not lacked for crazy. Idiot in Chief Donald Trump has continued to lower the bar, stunning us all with just how low he can go. He supported misogynists, racists and neo-Nazis through his silence, just when he could have used his voice to actually condemn them. He’s taken the US out of the Paris Climate Accords, stoked fires with North Korea and given huge tax benefits to his rich chums whilst hurting the people who need help the most. Apart from that, he’s doing a great job…

Enough of him. On a personal level, how has 2017 been? Well, it began with me firmly entrenched in my job selling bathrooms. It began with me eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Nintendo Switch and virtually drooling over Breath of the Wild, whilst the year also saw my daughter make the transition from infant school to junior school – a big change and one that only underscores to me how my baby is growing up. I wish she could remain my little girl forever, but that’s not the way of things. I will always be proud of her though.

As the year moved forward we had a great time up in Scotland for a family wedding, which involved a week in a beautiful holiday home. Whilst there we took a trip on a gorgeous, rustic steam train and I went canyoning, which involved jumping into cold pools of water and walking down waterfalls (sort of). It was an amazing time that concluded with a wonderful wedding!

Later on came a trip to the Harry Potter Experience, a birthday treat for my step-daughter but also for me. Seeing up close how these films were made opened my eyes to the sheer scale of the work involved, with so many amazing contributions from so many people. It was during this time that I was a little distracted, for I was making a decision that was going to be of huge importance to not only my future, but that of my wife and of my daughter. I was enjoying my job with bathrooms, but I needed something that could bring in more money. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave, however it ultimately wasn’t about me. It was about my family’s needs, so I took the chance and moved on to a new job, closer to home. Each new day is a new experience to learn and grow, so my mantra going forward is very simple.

Be better tomorrow than you were yesterday. Be better today than you were yesterday. This is not simply for work. This is for everything. I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.


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