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The Scary Dinosaur Dream

The Scary Dinosaur Dream

The other night contained a surprise – namely a dino-based, terrifying nightmare. I don’t know what prompted this particular heart-pounder, but it you can bet Jurassic, it was scary. Firstly, I was working with a team of demolish engineers, who had the bright idea of burning old demolition charges to get rid of them (even in the dream I thought this was a bad idea). Naturally there was an explosion, that awoke something – a big, powerful T-Rex-type dino that proceeded to hunt me. The scene jumped along to being trapped in a control room and having to constantly reset the power to keep a crazed dino out. The whole thing felt tense and there was a constant feeling of dread and fear. Such fun!

The following night featured a more sedate dream in which I was looking for the ‘Turd Theatre’ in London. What a load of crap!

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