Rhetoric and Radicalism

Recently, over in the comments of a post of Citizen Tom’s, Silence of Mind stoked the fires of confrontation. Quite why he said what he said, given that his words are patently untrue (and I believe he knows them to be untrue) is beyond me. For a supposedly devout, ‘true’ Christian… Well, let’s just say I know many Christians who are far better than SoM, in thought, word, and I am willing to bet, deed.

His first comment:

Ben Berwick is an atheist, a liar and a fraud. He will not allow anyone but like minded atheists, liars and frauds to comment on his posts.

Anyone who’s followed me, either at Meerkat Musings, or via the Coalition of the Brave site, will know that I don’t wield the block button lightly. I prefer not to, even when my opponents become particularly vile. I have often entertained views that run contrary to my own, and will continue to do so, but when someone is prepared to be as dishonest and frankly, despicable as SoM has proven to be, why should I tolerate that? My first duty on Meerkat Musings is to myself. I have zero obligation to share comments from trolls, and SoM has proven himself quite the troll. His claims are also deeply ironic, given his willingness to delete swathes of comments from his own site.

SoM continued…

Ben, You classify anyone who proves you are an idiot as a “dishonest, insulting hypocrite.” You are the typical atheist blogger.

As I pointed out to him, I am not an atheist, and his childish name-calling (for which I am grateful to Tom for calling out) is further evidence that he is a bad Christian.

Ben, Commenting on your blog is a waste of time because you edit the comments to make yourself look good. Only your atheist buddies bother to comment on your blog. Your last blog got what, one comment?

In a different set of circumstances, SoM would face consequences for slander/libel, but he knows he can cower behind anonymity and make spurious, cowardly, dishonest accusations like this. I do not edit comments. SoM knows this. I may not allow his comments through, but that’s obviously not the same as editing them. I have no idea why he is talking about the number of comments, unless SoM is trying to engage in a dick-measuring contest over it?

SoM, if you are prepared to drop your dishonest, fundamentalist hyperbole, I am quite happy to engage you in conversation, right here, on this blog. For that to happen, you need to demonstrate you are capable of behaving like a rational adult. If you continue to tell lies about me, you’ll be treated with contempt. The choice is yours.

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