Writing Prompts: To Coat or not to Coat?

In certain times of the year, the decision to take a coat or not when going out and about is an easy one. In the height of winter, it is an absolute must. During summer’s peak, it will get left behind. However, there are spells during the year when a coat can be a help and hindrance, all at once.

In May, the UK’s weather was all over the place. I had evenings spent in nothing more than swimming shorts and a vest, but then I had days where I had to wear a coat, because it poured with rain. The problem with spring (and this can apply to autumn too) is that the weather is notoriously erratic. Within the span of a day, it can be cloudy and cold, astonishingly damp, then horribly humid, and baking hot. If you are going to be out all day, and you have no idea what the weather will be like, do you take a coat? Do you leave it at home? You run the risk of getting soaked, but on the other hand, you may end up carrying your coat everywhere. I for one find that to be annoying.

I said that this is usually an easy decision, but sometimes, even during the extremes of UK weather, it’s not so straight-forward. I vividly remember walking home with my wife one afternoon, during the summer, when we were suddenly caught out in a freaky storm. We were drenched, to put it mildly! Of course, taking a jacket with me did not even occur to me, because the weather was pretty good up to that point, so it never struck me that I was taking a chance.

What about you, dear ‘kats? Do you always have a jacket, just in case? Are you like me, where you loathe having to lug something around?

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