Writing Prompts: The First Day

The day was the 10th of July 2004. It involved a trip to London, and a new, unfamiliar destination, namely Fenchurch Street station. I’ll confess to not really knowing of the station’s existence, but I had an important rendezvous. My journey was to meet someone. I had no idea as to how the future of this meeting would unfold. There was no expectation that it would lead to anything more than a friendship. The original meeting was meant to be something of a group meetup, but it wound up being just the two of us.

Up until that point, I’d spoken to this person on the phone on a few occasions. Her voice alone was quite captivating, but I had held any romantic ambitions in check. My experience with love up to that point was not particularly positive. It sounds stupid (especially to me) for a 22 year-old to believe love was beyond him, but at that moment, I dared not be optimistic, however much my heart wanted me to be. I took myself to London, with the intention of a pleasant day out, meeting someone I could call a friend. Oh how that day would lead me down a path completely different to what I had expected.

We did some London sight-seeing. We ventured to an art gallery. We had a very nice lunch at Planet Hollywood. In our travels across the city, we saw a lot of school tours, and the kids all had matching backpacks (a memory that has curiously stuck in the mind). We chatted, we laughed, we began to feel at ease with each other, and after a short while, we started holding hands. There was a chemistry, a zing, something I had not felt before. By the end of the day, we had our arms around each other, kissing and cuddling, and I wanted this woman, needed this woman, like I needed oxygen. When I returned home that evening, and got into bed, I could feel her arms around me, even though she was miles away.

This woman? She would become my wife. We would have a daughter together. We have had our share of ups and downs, but here we are, 20 years later. Those memories are warm, snug memories, even now.

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