Writing Prompts: The Cheviot

No, I am not referring to the brand of car, but rather a peak on the England/Scotland border, that just so happens to be quite near a location of personal importance.

Picture by BScar23625.

The Cheviot is located in Northumberland, right across the border from the towns of Kirk Yelthom and Town Yelthom, which are of interest to me through some deep ancestral links. The Cheviot is of interest to me because it is one of a number of UK volcanoes. It has been dormant for millions of years, with geological evidence suggesting it was last active nearly 400 million years ago. Much of the surrounding landscape still holds the scars of some powerful, explosive eruptions, with evidence for far-reaching lava flows.

Today, the landscape is quite beautiful. The snow-peppered peaks and hills provide what certainly appears to be a pleasant walking route for any rambler, and to me personally, I cannot help but wonder if my ancestors travelled back and forth across the Cheviot, in search of… well, who knows? If I ever find myself stood atop that hill, I could be sharing in a journey they undertook.

The Hen Hole. Pic by Dave Dunford, shared under creative licence CC BY-SA 2.0.

The Cheviot is one of several extinct UK volcanoes. I am rather grateful that they sleep!

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