Writing Prompts: Sacrifices

No, I am not referencing human sacrifices, or anything morbid! I refer instead to the sacrifices that one may make during the course of one’s life, with the intention of benefiting others.

With that in mind, I am not sure if I have truly sacrificed much, because what some may consider to be a sacrifice, may not be in my eyes. Some people may feel they sacrifice a part of their lives when they become parents; the only thing I may have given up for my daughter’s benefit is time, and it’s not like I was going out partying loads before she came alone, so I didn’t sacrifice anything, from that perspective. Indeed, I gained a daughter, and all the experiences that come with seeing her grow up. I’d hardly say I’ve sacrificed anything where she is concerned! She enriches my life, every single day.

Have I sacrificed much for my wife? Other than the occasional bit of time, again, I wouldn’t say I consider myself to have sacrificed anything. Sacrifice’ implies a burden of some kind, and I don’t consider time given up to be with loved ones to be a burden. Sure, there are occasions where I’ve wanted/not wanted to do something, and the opposite has happened, but in the grand scheme of things, I don’t believe I’ve had to sacrifice much at all.

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