Writing Prompts: Independence Day

man with fireworks
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

The 4th of July is a hugely important day in global affairs. It is after all, the day that the world united to defeat alien invaders, and… wait, we’re not talking about the movie Independence Day? Oh… okay.

The 4th of July is still hugely important. It goes without saying that my American friends herald the date, but it has significance that goes beyond the rebellion of British colonies in North America. The course of history was changed, not only for the fledging United States, but for Britain as well, and indeed, for the entire world, when the colonies formally declared their independence. That declaration, and the Revolutionary War it accompanied, would mark a shift in how people approached governance. The grip on power that monarchs held so tightly began to unravel.

During the Revolutionary War, French soldiers (dispatched to aid the United States) were exposed to the ideals of those who fought so hard to rid themselves of royal rule. It is not without irony that these soldiers, who were helping to fight the British monarchy, would then return home to a France ruled by royals. Discussion of the Revolutionary War would be a contributing factor to increasing French resentment of elitist, inconsiderate monarchy rule.

Beyond that, the scope of how important the United States would become to global affairs would have been inconceivable to all parties involved at the Declaration of Independence. Could the Founding Fathers have imagined that one day, the USA would stand as the world’s superpower?

Whether for good or ill, the course of the world dramatically changed with the Declaration of Independence.

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