Writing Prompts: Al-Ghool

It’s been a while since the Meerkat World Tour, but here we are, in Oman, seeking to learn about the mysterious, magical Al-Ghool.

The Al-Ghool (which literally translates as ‘snake’) is a shape-shifting Jinn, but it suffers from a problem. No matter what creature it becomes, it is said to always have the legs of a donkey, which serves as a pretty big giveaway! These beings are said to lure unwitting victims via firelight in the desert night, whereupon they would use their frightening looks to kill. It is also said that they can be killed by a single stab wound, but a second strike would see to it they will live for a thousand years! They are believed to have taken many forms, including that of goats, camels and even elephants.

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