Unwelcome Visitors

Recently my wife, daughter, step-daughter and her daughter spent a week in Great Yarmouth. It was nice to get away from all the stresses and strains for a short while, and we crammed quite a lot into that week, including swimming, a trip to the Sea Life centre, bouncy castles and a whole lot more!

Of course, it’s always nice to come home to your own bed, and as we settled into bed on Friday, I was pretty sure I’d close my eyes and be out like a light.

Unfortunately, there was someone outside with other ideas.

At around 1am, both my wife and I were awoken by the sound of our front door rattling. Someone was shaking the door handle, but unluckily for them, our front door is pretty noisy at the best of times, let alone when someone is aggressively shaking it.

I leapt out of bed and used the torch on my phone to shine a light down stairs, turning on lights as I passed them, and checked the house over to be sure no one had gotten in. I phoned the police, who sent someone around pretty quickly, and they advised us it was probably someone drunkenly trying to get into the wrong house (a genuine attempt to break in wouldn’t take place so noisily, and if they were that determined to get in, they’d break a window. By now paranoid, we tried to get back to sleep, and eventually did, but I dare say it was a fitful sleep, with every little noise disturbing us.

It would have been bad enough if just my wife and I lived here, but we have a five year old daughter too, and when you’re a parent, even the remote prospect of anything happening to your child will bring you in a cold sweat.

The audacity of thieves is astounding. These days they are getting more brazen, and I am giving serious thought to investing in a burglar alarm as soon as I can afford one. It shouldn’t be a necessity, but I fear it is.

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