‘This is the fight of our lives’

December 12th. It’s going to be a decisive date in the destiny of the United Kingdom. Britain will go to the polls to decide which party will lead the nation into 2020 and, possibly, into Brexit – or maybe, out of Brexit.

It’s about so much more than just Brexit though. The Tories, since their coalition with Lib Dems and through to now, have systematically weakened this country. They’ve cut policing numbers, yet have the gall to promise increasing them. Universal Credit is a benefits system that punishes the poor. The NHS is overworked and under-equipped. The arrogance of the likes of Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, men who are completely out of touch with the people who actually work hard, has created deep divisions in this country’s soul. Whilst Labour are far from perfect, I have far more faith in Jeremy Corbyn than I do the other party leaders, and more faith in Labour than the Tories. The somewhat impartial media must now obey laws regarding equal treatment of political parties during an election – the last time this happened, Labour surged forward in the polls.

With the future of the country at stake, for so many reasons, I am throwing my lot in with Labour.

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