The Trump Trip

In yet another demonstration of his ignorance, not to mention another revealing look at how out of touch he is, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage (chief architect of the lie that the NHS would receive an extra £350 million a week post Brexit) was up in arms over plans to float a Trump ‘manbaby’ balloon over London, to mark Donny’s visit. In a visible display of how certain elements of the political right react with the same degree of fragility they accuse the left of (how many times do Trump supporters accuse others of being snowflakes yet react with childish petulance when their own approach is turned on them?), Farage suggested this balloon is the worst insult to a sitting US president ever.

Umm…. Obama was frequently under attack in far worse ways throughout his presidency, with various claims about his birth certificate, his race and so forth. He dealt with it all with a quiet dignity – Trump’s fragile ego gets even slightly bruised and he leaps into all kinds of attacks on… pretty much everyone. I wonder if Farage is capable of realising that associating with the ego complex that is Trump is going to make him look worse, not better?

Farage is right, this would never have happened to Obama, because Obama was a respected, eloquent and dignified president. Trump lacks these qualities and his actions and policies are reprehensible. This is a man who has given his tacit support to Nazis. Why should we respect him and why do you support him Farage?

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