The Moment is upon us…

The threat of world war couldn’t stop it. Covid-19 couldn’t stop it. Despite 2020 doing its very best to derail everyone’s plans, Liverpool football club are now on the very cusp of winning their first league title in 30 years. Two more points is all that’s required, and if Chelsea beat or draw with Man City tonight, that would be the title secured without even kicking a ball.

I watched last night’s game against Crystal Palace. Whereas we’d looked lethargic against Everton (hardly surprising, given how much time has gone by), we were sharp and incisive against Palace, capable of scoring a lot more than the four goals we got. As it was, we delivered a quality performance, and scored four magnificent goals. It’s such a shame that the fans won’t be in the stadium to witness Liverpool triumph, but at long last, we will triumph!

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