The Latest Brexit Fiasco

We lurch toward the abyss. We seem committed to a path that is full of uncertainty, or worse, full of certainty that it will be difficult, rocky and fraught with problems. Yet for some reason I continue to see on Facebook (and I dare say have challenged and been challenged by a few) people insist that we should stick to this folly and not even remotely consider a second referendum. ‘The will of the people’ is the mantra they repeat, without it seems, even a trace of irony.

As I have said to people on Facebook who decided to suggest a second vote would be treason (really?!), we hold regular votes all the time, based on evolving circumstances, new information and new evidence. These are called elections. They are not set in stone – yet for some reason, there’s this idea that the EU referendum was set in stone. Hands up if no deal was what you hand in mind when you voted leave? What about Theresa May’s deal? Hands up if you thought we somehow had the EU over a barrel, even though this was never even likely to be the case?

There is one sensible option remaining to us to preserve our economic (and with it, social) stability. We deserve a second say, based on fresh facts.

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