The Late Hour

It’s nearly 11pm as I start writing this post. 10.57pm to be exact. It’s late, obviously, and the sun has long since set. We are into the middle of May, and the weather is up and down, which is greatly annoying me. I want the option of enjoying the sunshine in the garden (I’ve even gone as far as to go shirtless to try and get a bit of a tan), especially given we can’t enjoy half the activities we’d normally indulge in. The least the weather could do is give us a break. Still, it seems like we’ll start to get warmer temperatures next week, which will be a start. Hopefully that will continue, with summer starting to take hold.

I’m less hopeful that it will stem the Coronavirus. There’s one theory that hotter weather will kill off the bug, but it may not kill it entirely, if at all. Complacency will be a killer if we get this wrong. The government, which has blundered its way through this, now wants to use our children as guinea pigs, gradually putting them back into schools, despite the well-known tendencies of kids (especially younger ones) to ignore advice. They will touch everything. They will hug, share food, not cover their mouths when they cough, and generally do everything that kids do. At a time when hundreds of people are still dying on a daily basis, I am not prepared to use my daughter as a guinea pig.

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