The Correct Way

Recently, David Thiessen of Theology Archaeology has dramatically ramped up his aggressive rhetoric, and gone as far as to call me a chicken, for refusing to respond to a challenge to debate, or to back up my claims. He believes my recent post, on the topic of Burden of Proof, was aimed at him in some way, but he is mistaken. It did not reference his argument with Bruce Gerencser in any way, and in fact, did not mention him in any way. Somehow, David still thinks my post was about him (this wouldn’t be the first time his ego has led him to this erroneous conclusion).

It is not without irony that he indulges in name-calling, whilst also misinterpreting my post. It is not without irony that calls me a chicken, considering he refuses to link to my site (or Bruce’s), and remains afraid to use our names.

If David wishes for a debate, he can start by addressing me correctly. I will not respond to any demands or challenges issued to MM. I am not MM. MM is a fantasy construct of David’s mind, which he uses to attack arguments I have not made. As far as I am concerned, David is not addressing me when he writes posts about MM, and any ‘points’ he thinks he makes against MM will be ignored.

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