Take a Deep Breath

Tomorrow, the UK will go to the polls for a General Election that could – could – erase the Conservative Party as a major political force for generations to come. Whilst I retain misgivings about Labour (and I will maintain that the media had it in for Jeremy Corbyn, who would have been ten times better than Boris Johnson), they are realistically the only party that can oust the Tories, and they surely cannot be worse.

I have seen a lot of social media activity on behalf of Reform, but let’s be clear, the Reform Party is led by a grifter who lied in order to bring about the catastrophe of Brexit, and who’s only platform is ‘immigration!’ Reform would merely be the Tories on steroids, and worse, it would also be giving Vladimir Putin what he wants too. It would not surprise me if the surge in social media accounts that all proclaim they’ll vote for Reform is a bit of Russian manipulation. They’d love it if Farage got in; what are the odds he’d withdraw British support for Ukraine?

So, with that in mind, whilst there are other parties that are worthwhile (the Greens in particular have a fantastic manifesto), the only means to remove the Tories is to vote Labour, and the only means to utterly destroy the Tories is to make good use of tactical voting. Should this actually transpire, the Tories could be completely destroyed, even reduced to less than a hundred seats, which would be glorious! They will have reaped what they’ve sown for the last 14 years, and their reign of misery would finally be over. We can but hope.

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