School Dreams

I’m guessing my latest peculiar nocturnal imagery was inspired by the recent exploration of senior schools that I mentioned in this post. This particular dream might be better described as a nightmare though. Hold on to your hats people.

It revolved mostly around swimming lessons (I love swimming but despised the lessons at school) and races. I’d rather swim at my own pace, so that kind of competition irks me. I didn’t care for the experience in reality and I didn’t care for it in the dream either. After finishing up with this uncomfortable experience, I ended up in the loo, trying to get my shoes on, only somehow I’d picked up two different shoes, and then for good measure I broke my glasses. This made me very angry, to the point where I threw my broken glasses to the floor and made to storm out of the building in frustration and rage. I’m not sure if I made it out of there, as that part of the dream gets hazy, and then I woke up.

Yes, I know, things were getting juicy, and that’s when I wake up.

So what was it all about? I never actually stormed out of school in a fit of rage, though I, like many a kid at some stage, would have liked to. I never broke my glasses at school, nor do I recall mixing up my shoes. I guess the dream was a manifestation of how I didn’t enjoy certain aspects of senior school, and my nerves as my daughter prepares to go into that environment. I don’t know.

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