For reasons which I do not understand – not remotely – this meerkat was dreaming about raccoons last night. There was one of the furry bandits at work, in the store, which was cause for great amusement, but it shouldn’t have been there.

This dream was a very different flavour to the previous night’s nocturnal adventure. In that dream, I’d flown somewhere with some old colleagues, and went on a road trip with them, having a few drinks in a bar before flying home – which was quite an ordeal, because at the airport we had to put our tickets and passports into plastic wallets, and for some reason I couldn’t do this, which was leaving me feeling agitated. What that means I haven’t a clue.

They say dreams are the brain’s way of organising the day’s events. Well, on no recent occasions have I flown, been to a bar, or met a raccoon – I can only assume my brain is recapping some events from months and years ago instead. Talk about catching up!

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