Not Panicking

Only those of us living under a rock will be ignorant of the Coronavirus, which has spread right across the world and is potentially highly dangerous (and it is dangerous to anyone with underlying conditions or weakened immune systems). From what I’ve read, this is something we should take seriously, at the very least to protect those in our families who are vulnerable. It’s all well and good to say it’s fatal to ‘only’ those categories, but that’s a casual, frightening way of dismissing the welfare of a lot of human beings.

We should be vigilant, which is doubly important when we’re led by the bumbling Tories and the inept Mr Johnson. In effect, we the people must do the work of making sure everyone is cared for, for I have zero faith in the government to contribute any positive.

We also need to not panic. The footage of people buying up huge stacks of toilet roll (remind me again, how loo roll stops a virus) is a sign of a world gone mad. People are stockpiling pasta, and therefore denying anyone else the opportunity to get hold of what many consider to be a staple food. Hand sanitiser and soap is flying off the shelves (newsflash, anti-bacterial sanitiser is not going to stop a virus), as people start to routinely wash their hands… Which implies, with a strong degree of ickiness, that people weren’t doing so beforehand. We should be mindful of hygiene, but depriving others of the chance to buy soap will inevitably mean coming into contact with people who can’t wash their hands properly – because some other idiot bought all the soap.

Can we please exercise some common sense?

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