My Phone Lives! Oh yes, and a Formula 1 update

So, my phone is back! (well ok, it’s a replacement, not the one I had, but still!) I am no longer quite so cut off from the outside world!

I have to consider whether my next phone will be a Samsung though. The S3 I had ended up giving up on me when it would no longer charge properly. My S4 did the same thing. My contract isn’t up till next July but at that point, I’ll give the iPhone a closer look than I usually do.

My rejection of the iPhone up till this point has been based on two things. Firstly, I have not been too thrilled with the business practises of Apple. They’re far too keen to try and sue anyone coming up with a remotely similar concept and to me this is honourable.

The second reason I don’t tend to go for iPhones is the cost. To use the Vodafone network as an example, if you want the Galaxy S5 on contract you can get the handset for free from £34.50 per month. This includes unlimited calls and texts and 1GB of mobile internet a month. Bear in mind that the S5 is the latest in the Galaxy S series.

If you want the iPhone 6 for free on contract you will pay £48.50 a month. Not so appealing when you’re on a budget.

Still, come next July the cost of iPhones might have come down right? Right?

Well, we’ll see.

So, on to Formula 1. My memories pages are coming along nicely. The latest page is one on Mika Häkkinen, but it’s certainly not the only page. Hopefully you will enjoy them all!

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