Moving on Up

Working in a sales environment can be stressful. The exact nature of that stress can also vary from one workplace to the next. When I worked in bathrooms (not literally in bathrooms I hasten to add!), there wasn’t a sense of competition and there were only three of us. There was always a desire to sell, in order to make money. Where I am now, a sofa retailer, is a different kettle of fish entirely. It’s not a cutthroat environment but equally, move slowly and you’ll be left behind. There are certain characters here who are motivated solely by money and they won’t hesitate to get stuck into customers if you’re not prepared to. Whereas the bathroom place didn’t have KPIs (key performance indicators), this place loves them. Then there’s share of business. You want to hit this target.

The company is to be fair, a… err, fair one. They offer a lot of training. The managers offer coaching and you have the opportunity to learn the store’s top books, even if just through observation. Still, there must come a point where you need to stand on your own feet and punch in some serious numbers. This month is the month where I feel I’ve truly done that. My options are good, my share of business is good and rolling forward, I plan on getting better. I am coming for the top books.

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