Is it Time for an Election?

With the Brexit shambles rumbling on (Boris Johnson, previously determined to ram Brexit down our throats, whatever the consequence, by October 31st, has been forced to ask the EU for an extension of the deadline), the chance of a December General Election is suddenly on the horizon. Whilst Brexit will be at the forefront of many a campaign, it shouldn’t be the only thing on the agenda. This is a battle for the heart and soul of the nation, between a Tory party that’s overseen damaging austerity measures that have penalised the poor, and a Labour party that, for all its flaws, I believe will demonstrate more care and compassion for ordinary people, unlike the Tories.

In the mix will be the Liberal Democrats, who in my view are tarnished somewhat by their time in a coalition with the Tories, where they did nothing to prevent the horrors and chaos of Universal Credit, and other, painful and needless cuts to key services (such as policing). The Lib Dems are playing the Tories and Labour off each other, which would mean the Tories almost certainly remain in power, despite the bungling best efforts of Johnson. That would mean another five years of a Prime Minister who is effectively a lame duck, a liar, a bigot and a racist. Do we really want him, as a nation, representing us on the world stage?

I didn’t think so.

So the time is now people. As I said, this is a battle for this country. It’s future, it’s welfare, it’s in our hands. Fight for what you believe in, and don’t be dragged down!

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