Going Green

Whilst the Green Party is highly unlikely to gather enough votes to win the 2024 General Election, they are campaigning on a series of pledges that are by far the best any of the political parties have produced. Well, that’s my opinion of it, anyway. What is in their manifesto, and why does it appeal to me? I’ll take a look at some of their plans…

A Properly-Funded NHS

The Tories have spent the past 14 years ruining the NHS. This is of no great surprise; the Tories have always favoured profit over people, so starving the NHS of funds makes sense, from their perspective. They have yearned for a US-style private healthcare system, despite all the damming evidence of that, but the Greens are pledging to both fund the NHS properly, and for reforms to dentistry and mental health practices.

Greener Energy

It makes sense for the Greens to be in favour of green energy, and they have laid out policies and ideas that will move Britain away from fossil fuels. There is nothing wrong with looking for sustainable, cleaner energy, and we might finally see a shift towards this under the Greens.

A Fairer Work Culture

A new attitude to work/life balance, including the shift to a four-day working week, and better pay, along with a reversal of the Tories’ anti-union legislation, will shift power away from the oligarchs and greedy fat cats.

Public Ownership of Public Services

Among other things, the Greens wish to bring transport, energy and water under public control. Considering how dismal privatisation has been from a performance point of view, and a cost perspective, I am absolutely behind this. A wealth tax will mean that people will not be punished for being poor (something the Tories currently delight in).

I find myself agreeing with a lot of this, and more. Sadly, the Greens are unlikely to win many seats with our First Past The Post system, but they have put together a manifesto that would afford hope to many, as opposed to the elite. It’s definitely a favourable set of policies when weighed against the Tories, and I dare say Labour too.

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