Gargoyles is 25 Years Old!

I’m astonished to think that this particular gem of a show is 25! It was, at the time, very unusual for Disney. It wasn’t the cutesy, cuddly stuff we’d come to expect. This show was gritty. Characters would display flaws. Actions would have consequences. There was a little more ambiguity over whether the bad guys were ‘bad’, so to speak. One of the earliest episodes tackled gun safety; another had the sketched outline of a murder victim. It became apparent early on, that was not your typical Disney. There was an incredible devotion to history and legend. Gargoyles drew upon Shakespearean stories, Arthurian mythology, Norse tales, and more, in creating an unique and expansive internal history and story. Each character had a part to play in that story, and each character evolved. Its serialised approach, especially for what was considered a kids show, was special and unique. Events from early episodes could be brought back to play a role in later seasons. Nothing felt dumbed down – this show treated the audience – regardless of age – with respect. It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years!
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