Film Reviews – Zombieland: Double Tap

I have to confess, I don’t recall the first movie especially clearly, but it was, from what I do recall, quite entertaining. The sequel is certainly entertaining!

So, a brief overview. The characters from the first film seek to set down roots but to some degree, some of them are restless. There’s new types of zombie, and an interesting safe haven. The plot isn’t exactly incredible, though it holds together well enough, but what makes this a good film is the chemistry between the characters.

In particular, the odd relationship between macho man (guns, beer, cars etc) Tallahassee (a hammed up Woody Harrelson) and the bookish, somewhat awkward rule guy Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) is what sells Zombieland. For all the digs and insults Tallahassee sends Columbus’ way, it’s clear there’s a not-quite-father-son affection at work, and it’s also clear that both Harrelson and Eisenberg had fun making this movie. Add in Emma Stone’s turn as the witty and sarcastic Wichita, and Zoey Deutch as the ‘other woman’ (see the film people!), and you a recipe for laughs, some epic zombie kills, and a love for Elvis that cannot be denied. All in all, 8/10!

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