Family Time

It isn’t too often these days that my immediate family and I get to gather –  but lately, we had such an opportunity, following a get-together on the south coast – Rockley Park, in Dorset, not far from Poole. It’s funny – this time last year the family was up in Scotland, nearly as far north as one can go on the British Isles – this time, we were nearly as far south as we could get.

My daughter’s unusual take on a sandcastle

Poole and the surrounding area actually holds a slice of English Civil War history, that we took in (my little girl was especially impressed by what we saw) – Corfe Castle, a now-half ruined site that once served as a fortress for Royalists against overwhelming odds.

I had planned a much longer post about all this, but I’m under the weather right now and simply don’t have the energy to devote to a lengthy post – suffice to say, this was a rewarding little trip, featuring (for my daughter this was definitely a highlight!) feeding squirrels, bungee jumping (sort of) and plenty of time spent in the sea. It also involved a road train ride and an open-top bus ride, both of which met with my little girl’s seal of approval!

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