It’s finally here! Well, the trailer is anyway…

Avengers: Endgame is the conclusion of a journey that started way back in 2012 with Avengers Assemble. It’s the culmination of the tragic events of Infinity War and we’ll see if the finger snap will have lasting consequences. Meanwhile, what does the trailer actually look like? What tone does it strike? What’s the state of affairs in the world? Naturally a brief teaser doesn’t yield much treasure, but we can take a look at what we see and hear. Let’s start with Stark.

He’s alone, on a ship, with a piece of his armour, using it to record a farewell message to Pepper Potts. What makes this scene poignant is that Stark doesn’t even know if Pepper survived Thanos’ snap – even as he stares a lonely death in the face, he clings to the hope that the woman he loves is still alive. ‘Every journey has an end’ is his acceptance of his impending demise.

Steve Rodgers is simply committed to undoing what was done, because, in his own words, he has no idea what he’ll do if they can’t.

‘This is the fight of our lives’. He’s not wrong there, but he, like so many others, mourns the loss of loved ones. Everyone carries pain – Thor is despondent and we see a vengeful Clint Barton (Hawkeye) on the warpath – he is a husband and father, we have to ask – who did he lose?

We get a brief glimpse of Nebula looking sorrowful too, plus a very brief look at Thanos’ armour, organised like a… shrine?

The film looks like a more personal, more intimate movie than Infinity War. There’s fewer characters, so we can delve in more detail into how they are coping – or not coping – with what happened. These are human beings who are hurt and grieving. They are desperate and who knows what they’ll be willing to do. It has the makings of an epic and emotional end.

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