DuckTales – The Final Adventure

I’ve loved the DuckTales reboot. The 2017 series, starring (among others) David Tennant as Scrooge, Kate Micucci as Webby (who is easily the most brilliant character in the show) and Catherine Tate as Magica, the 2017 DuckTales honoured the original series (including one or two great references to reboots) whilst ensuring it was its own, distinct show, with a witty, fun identity all its own. The show has been cancelled after three seasons, but got to bow out on its own terms with a finale that was absolutely superb.

It’s a travesty to me that this show is ending so early. There were so many more possibilities and if you ask me, the series had serious legs. It looks like it’s given us a Darkwing Duck spinoff (there were many hysterically funny nods to that), and the finale had an unusual Gargoyles reference. There were little nods to Gravity Falls and all sorts of Easter Eggs across the life of the show. I hope that it reappears in some way shape or form!

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