Curiously Bright

I need a suspicious icon or image for this…


That will do. I’m sceptical because today’s weather – in fact the past few days – has been surprisingly warm for the end of February. Today was especially warm, as in ‘T-shirts are fine’. I wasn’t really in a position to appreciate it, as I was hoisting furniture around at work all day. To be fair, this wasn’t as bad an occasion as I’d feared, though moving large, heavy sofas around all day is exhausting no matter what way one slices it. I should be thankful to have avoided the scenario from the past – 4 am start with a 5.30 pm finish (yes, that actually happened), but even so, it’s a knackering experience!

Another small note of relief has to be the weather. Changeovers (which is what we call this process) during the height of a hot summer are unbearable. The weather, whilst pleasant today, wasn’t enough to leave anyone feeling truly uncomfortable or even ill. What’s lurking on the horizon though, is terrifyingA very large changeover, apparently involving half the store, is on the agenda for March. I’m tempted to volunteer my services – in being off sick that day. I doubt I’ll get away with that, but who knows?!

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