Bloganuary the 31st – Stars

We’ve done it! We’ve reached the end of Bloganuary! Some prompts have been more interesting than others, but overall I’ve enjoyed this experience. On to the final prompt… ‘How do you feel when you look at the stars?

I often feel quite humble when I gaze at the night sky. As humans we find it virtually impossible to contemplate the scale of this gorgeous and terrifying universe we live in. Comprehending that each dot is billions of miles away is beyond us. Even the ‘stars’ that are actually planets are completely beyond our physical reach, and they’re in our cosmic backyard!

What waits for us in the cosmos? What wonders and secrets are out there at those distant pinpricks of light? Thanks to modern science we can ‘see’ so much, but we want to see them up close, with our own eyes. So much of humanity’s creative works involve travelling between the stars, because as a species we are always wondering what’s over the horizon, and there’s no horizon quite like the night sky. The starscape is magical, it’s captivating, and I hope one day we learn enough as a species to carry ourselves out there, and live among those beautiful dots of light.

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