Bloganuary the 17th – Superpowers

The prompt this time around is ‘what is a superpower you’d love to have?

The answer to this changes like the wind. Had I recently watched a Star Wars movie I might say ‘Jedi’, assuming their abilities qualify as superpowers. The mind trick would come in handy in retail, and being able to levitate heavy stock rather than having to lift it…

In a way, saying Jedi is cheating, for they have a set of powers, and the prompt doesn’t ask what powers, but rather, what power? Captain America’s superstrength? Spider-Man’s web-slingers? How about the energy blasts of Captain Marvel, or Superman’s ability to fly? I am struggling to answer because each power appeals in its own way, and only choosing one is a tough ask. I guess, in this moment, Captain America’s strength would come in handy. Who knows, maybe he’d be immune to covid thanks to the serum!

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