Back and Forth

The 10th was an odd day. It started early, as in a 7am arrival at work to assist with changeover (we wrap, lift and rack old sofa ranges then put out the new models), saw me allowed to leave early to prepare for a meeting on the 11th, which in turn led me to a train ride to my parents, who live a lot closer to the meeting venue. I’d nearly arrived when I got a message to say that the meeting was cancelled. Oh… Bugger.

Well, I got to have dinner with mum and dad before beginning the hour and a half trip home. It was a rather long way to go for dinner, but it certainly made Tuesday a rather different experience! I can’t say I’m too thrilled with work and the lack of organisation which created the circumstances, though popping back up to my old stomping grounds is never a regrettable experience. It’s always nice to see mum and dad, even if only briefly.

The journey got me thinking on what travel must have been like back in say, the 1500s. What was a three-hour round trip for me yesterday would have taken days or possibly a week back then. We can bemoan the impact of technology in many respects, but in terms of transport links, it’s so much easier to get from A to B now. I also got to experience the new Class 800 ‘Azuma’ express trains for the first time! It was kinda surreal at King’s Cross to see a Class 800, Class 91 and a Class 43 all more or less next to each other (three generations of advancement, all in a row).

Even so, the tiring journey (which is never any better for a lengthy spell of London Underground in rush hour) is one I could have done without. Any future meetings, as far as I’m concerned, need to be confirmed in writing as happening, or I’m simply not going. This was an expensive experience, which I expect to be compensated for.

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