Addressing the Lie

I’ve been accused of running a hate site. Specifically, a hate site against this fellow. It’s true that we have had several disagreements and it’s true we have exchanged harsh words in the past, but what’s not true is that I have ever ran a site that directed hatred toward him. Such accusations have never been substantiated, nor do I expect them to be from an individual who I consider to be dishonest.

This is the page from a long defunct page that criticised his arguments and behaviour. It should be noted that criticism does not equal hate, unless your ego is so fragile (or bloated) that you can’t separate the two. When this individual decides to tweet stuff like this:

Well, he crosses the line into slander/libel, if he were in an actionable scenario. Yes, this is the same person behind the deliberate and divisive ‘True Trek’ nonsense, as per here. My simple challenge to him, should he read this, is to provide actual, definitive proof that I have ever ran a ‘hate site’. I don’t expect such proof to appear because such a site never existed.

Updated 10/02/18: apparently, despite pledging to block me, we still have a few misleading comments coming up on Twitter:

For reference, his #Talifan hashtag is a deliberate link to ‘Taliban’, part of his now famous poisoning of the well approach, whereby association with pretty much anyone from is enough to be considered a fanatic. His comparison between members of the forum who had the nerve to disagree with him and the Taliban is simply outrageous, but alas, it is also not surprising.

If they should read this post, then, ST-V-SW, this is an open call for you to prove your allegations about hate sites, or for you to retract said allegations. No vague, unsupported notions – prove it. You can find me right here, anyone is free to comment at any point, and I know you are versed in the Wayback Machine, so you can archive any discussion for posterity, and if I edit it, it will obviously look bad for me.

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