A Change of Pace

Timon4Anyone who knows me will be aware that earlier in the year life threw me an unexpected and unpleasant surprise, one that did, for a short time, knock me for six and left me feeling very angry. That anger, whilst dampened, is still there, though what I am trying to do is sharpen it into a tool, that I can use to more constructive ends. I had the chance to put a few things into perspective during this time, and I’ve emerged on the other side of it stronger, more focused and more driven.

My new job is at once both familiar to me and very different. It is a sales role, not unlike some of the work I did at my previous employer, only I don’t have the burden of managing a store without any head office support, I don’t have to worry about stock, or banking, or finishing late because there’s no one else available to close, etc etc. Whilst I am dealing with products that, prior to this job I knew very little about and never expected to be selling, I am finding myself enjoying it, and I can focus a lot more on individual customers, offering my full attention and care.

So, I face the future with a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm!

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